Mixed 12 Bottle

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2016 Chardonnay: Creamy, fresh and breezy. This elegant, understated and beautifully balanced Chardonnay is soft, fresh and juicy with notes of apple tart, Asian pear, vanilla and butterscotch.

2016 Rosé: Pure fruit makes it simply delicious. The wine opens with aromas of raspberry, nectarine, and baking spice. On the palate it offers luscious berry flavors and stone fruit. Natural acidity ensures a crisp, long finish.

2011 Merlot: Ripe, smooth, inviting and smoky. This is classic, smooth, supple, balanced and spicy Merlot with ripe berry fruit, dark earth and toasty spicy oak notes.

  • Appellation:2016 Chardonnay & 2011 Merlot: Mendocino County, California

    2016 Rosé: Santa Barbara County, California

  • By:Savannah Cellars
  • Color:White, Rosé & Red
  • Blend:100% Chardonnay, 100% Merlot,

    Rosé: Proprietary blend of Grenache, Syrah, Cinsaut, Counoise and Mourvèdre

  • Alcohol:2016 Chardonnay: 13.5%, 2016 Rosé: 12%, 2011 Merlot: 13.5%
  • Sweetness:Dry

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The Vineyard:2016 Chardonnay & 2011 Merlot: This wine was sourced from a fourth-generation family business producing excellent wines from grapes farmed sustainably.

The Region:2016 Chardonnay & 2011 Merlot: Mendocino County, California

2016 Rosé: Santa Barbara County, California

Food Pairing:2016 Chardonnay: This soft, juicy, ripe and supple Chardonnay is delicious on its own but subtle enough to pair with lighter fish, meat and pasta dishes. Cracked crab, Scallops, butter garlic prawns, quinoa with chanterelle and pear all pair well with this Chardonnay as well as a creamy cow’s milk cheese.

2016 Rosé: The perfect brunch wine, this rosé complements staples such as smoked salmon with creme fraiche, scones and clotted cream, and a creamy goat and sheep’s milk cheese. Enjoy it with shrimp kabobs or pasta with fresh pesto and pine nuts.

2011 Merlot: Summer grilled favorites such as kebabs, burgers, or sausages or more upscale steak preparations, or roasted meat. Grilled, sauteed, roasted Mushroom with, thyme, oregano, lavender, black pepper and salt would pair nicely. Sliders, BBQ sausages, pork chops, kebabs, burgers, Emmentaler, and Gouda cheeses would be a perfect fit with this Merlot.