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As Paula Deen’s sons, we had the incredible fortune to learn a lot from mama growing up in her Savannah, Georgia kitchens. With her loving guidance, we were taught to cook from our hearts, laugh from our bellies and welcome guests like they were part of our own family.

With this warm spirit of southern hospitality, and in partnership with award-winning master vintner and celebrated restaurateur, Doug Margerum, we are honored to bring to your table an assortment of beautiful hand-selected wines to help you toast to food, family and fun


Q: Where does Deen Brothers Wines ship to?

A: Click here for more information on which states we ship to. Learn more

Q: I will not be drinking my wine right away. What is the best way to store my wine?

A: We recommend you store your wines in a cool place where the temperature is constant and cool, free of light, and without vibration. A perfect wine cellar set to 53 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity controlled. The key is to keep wines away from heat and (for wines with corks) kept on their sides.

Q: What foods pair with my wine?

A: Visit our wine store and click on any particular wine for tasting and pairing notes. Start shopping.

Q: Can I use my Evine account to place my order?

A: Due to laws, Deen Brothers Wine accounts are separate from regular Evine accounts. This allows Evine to be compliant with all laws. Once you sign up with Deen Brothers Wine, you will be able to login in with your account information and check on past orders. Once you sign up you will not need to go through this process again.

Q: Can I use my Evine Card to purchase Deen Brothers Wine?

A: No. To remain compliant with all laws, your wine will be transacted and purchased from Universal Wine Alliance, a partner of Evine. As a result, you may not use your Evine Card to purchase, but all other major credit cards are accepted.

Q: Can I purchase Deen Brothers Wine with ValuePay®?

A: No. ValuePay® is not accepted on purchases made through Universal Wine Alliance.